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A high-quality floor starts with good components. Wholesalers, distributers, professional applicators and flooring specialists are therefore happy to choose Quartzline for its excellent price-quality ratio.


Looking for a floor for your home, shop or industrial building? Please choose here from the options offered by Quartzline.

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Here you can find an overview off all the flooring systems Quartzline offers. In just a few clicks you can put together your own floor.

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Quartzline is a family business that since 1976 has specialized in synthetic flooring. With the arrival of the second generation - in the person of Arthur Kaptein - the focus has been on innovation and quality. By investing in technology and business efficiency, the Quartzline products are now known for their excellent price-quality ratio.

Latest developments

Chemistry never stands still and there is no industry that is as susceptible to innovation as the paint industry. This in the trend of new improving chemical developments and in the field of new regulations. We at Quartzline are constantly innovating in search of improvements and follow the trend of the latest developments in the market.

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A high-quality, hard floor starts with good components.



In our own laboratories we constantly monitor the quality and we are constantly working on new developments.



Quartzline develops and produces all requirements for epoxy floors, polyurethane floors and cement-bound floor systems.


We closely follow chemical developments

The R&D department is always busy with development in our own laboratory. Sometimes this is the improvement of existing products and at other times this is the development of completely new products. Every day our eyes are focused on developments in the raw materials market so that we can provide you with the very best now and in the future!


We recently started the construction of a new process installation at our premises in Dordrecht. The 37 meter high silo tower that will be erected here will soon provide more capacity in the field of cement and plaster-bonded floor systems. Quartzline wants to manifest itself more emphatically in this market and realizes the required capacity for the future with this new construction. Construction must be completed by mid-2020 and we can deliver our products in various packages - from 25 kg to mobile silo trucks on your construction project. Your benefits: fast, efficient, no laborious operations and less costs.

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