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Vloerstart egaliseert sportcentrum

Vloerstart heeft met Quartzline egaline de vloeren onder de vijf tennisbanen in sportcentrum ORS ZUIT NL te Etten-Leur geëgaliseerd. Peter Leesmans van Vloerstart: “Het was mooie opdracht in het nieuwe sportcentrum. Met de nieuwe egaline van Quartzline hebben we 3.250 m2 tennisvloer uitgevlakt en perfect egaal gemaakt.”

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New process plant is up and running

Our new process plant is up and running. Almost 40 metres high, equipped with the latest technologies and completely in our company colours. Specially built for the production of cement-based products. Thanks to the large production capacity and the innovative manufacturing process we can offer our customers products of very high quality at a competitive price.

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Quartzline and the Coronavirus

The Dutch government will continue to tighten up the coronavirus measures. Quartzline Floor Systems BV also takes its responsibility to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible according to the guidelines of the RIVM. The health, safety and well-being of you as our customer and our employees are our main priority.

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Progress new construction process installation

The construction of the new process installation is on schedule. The silo tower is ready and a lot of work is being done on the finishing. The imposing process installation is now towering above the roof of our business premises. The process installation is the foundation of our company, the raw materials are supplied here. With the 22 silos we can increase our production capacity considerably, this fits in line with our growth scenario. Construction is expected to be completed after the summer holidays.

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An improved variant of the PU UV has been developed in our laboratory. The "new" cast floor with the name PU UV HD has a number of important advantages. The top layer to be applied is thinner than the top layers that have been customary up to now. This makes processing a lot easier. The improved version also ensures that even with a "working" subfloor, there are no dents or cracks in the top layer. With the Silencio as a base layer, the PU UV HD provides the best floor you could wish for.

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