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Hallways cannot be envied and have a hard time facing patients, residents, visitors, staff, beds, wheelchairs, (medical) equipment and so on. Day in day out. Quartzline floors do not shrink. Resistant to everything and everyone.

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Sanitary Facilities

There is a reason why sanitary means health. Floors in sanitary rooms must primarily offer hygienic advantages. No moisture absorption, seamless, easy to keep clean, easy maintenance, smooth and stiff. Quartzline floors offer it all.

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Kitchen floors get everything dropped on it. Kitchen floors must therefore take a beating. They need to be moisture resistant and easy to keep clean from a hygienic point of view. Quartzline supplies the ideal kitchen floor.

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General Areas

floors in general-, storage and technical areas must be strong and resilient. In addition, these floors must be able to take a beating and lend themselves to many situations. Durable and scratch-resistant floors are preferred. Quartzline supplies them with all the required properties.

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Technical and Storage Areas

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Fitness & Children's Playroom

Resilient, pleasant walking comfort and resistant to the necessary load. These are the most important features for floors in fitness rooms and children's playrooms. Of course, they must also be easy to keep clean and workable in fun colors and designs. Quartzline delivers what you want.

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